Youth Workers

Rebecca Dauksas, Director of Youth Worker Development

Equipping, Connecting, and Adding Value to Local Youth Workers

We know that successful youth minsitry hinges on the success of youth ministry within the local church. Our faithful youth workers are the ones who lead that charge. We want to support them in their efforts. Knowing that many youth workers are volunteer & have lives full of jobs, family, & plenty of other responsibilities, we know it's difficult to do it alone... to learn all you need to know, gather all the resources you need, and create all the events you'd like to create. We want to help.

Rebecca Dauksas has a passion to reach out to local youth workers & share both her heart & her experience. We have so many qualified & excellent youth workers, that if we can connect them with each other, we can form a powerful community of youth ministry expertise. Rebecca desires to bring youth workers together & help them share with each other their experiences & wisdom. Together we're stronger, better, & more effective.

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